Executive Board

ASA’s Executive Board will manage the Apulia Soundtrack Awards. It is responsible for the program and the organization of the annual award events. These key members are actively involved in local activities and also in the film music industry in general.

Loredana Epifani

President of the festival

A graduate with honors in business management, Loredana Epifani works in her hometown, Carovigno. Politically and socially engaged, she has been organizing and collaborating since 2018 at “Librincastello”, an event bringing together book reviews aimed at promoting reading and young writers.

Loredana participated in creating a tourist mecca in Carovigno, the “Picci bar. She participates in several activities aimed at promoting the city of Carovigno and the region of Puglia.

Antonella La Camera

Director of communication

Antonella La Camera lived and worked first in Treviso then in Milan for 15 years frequenting writers and theater actors, a world that has always attracted and fascinated her. When she returns to Puglia, thanks to her passion for the desire to make a contribution in the social field, Antonella has applied to the post of councilor for culture, entertainment and tourism. Shea lso organized major events including the concert of jazzman Enzo Avitabile.

During this experience was born the project of the social book “Librincastello”, a book review that has a strong impact on the territory.

The quality of these events strongly highlighted the tourist attractions and the beauty of the country. Thus, for journalists, philosophers, actors, politicians, the evenings become an expected and sought-after meeting.

Sam Bobino

Director (international)

Sam Bobino is the founder and co-président of La Baule Cinema & Film Music Festival, the most important film music festival in France. He is the co-founder and General Delegate of the Positive Cinema Week (Semaine du Cinéma Positif / Cannes Festival). Sam Bobino is also founder and President of Paris Film Critics Awards and Founder & Director of Sam Bobino Consulting (SBC / Public relations agency specializing in cinema).

La Baule Cinema & Film Music Festival has co-produced or diffused several tribute concerts to the international film music composers like Michel Legrand Michel Legrand, Lalo Schifrin, Gabriel Yared, Eric Serra, Vladimir Cosma, Francis Lai, Philippe Sarde, and Alexandre Desplat…

Sam Bobino was also General Delegate of the Lumieres Awards (Prix des Lumières, “the French Golden Globes” / 2009-2015), Director of International Relations of Carthage International Film Festival (JCC , Journée Cinématographiques de Carthage / 2015), Director of Public Relations of the Tunis International Film Festival (2009-2010), Director of Milton Agency (press agency specializing in cinema and personalities / 1999-2010), press Journalist & Films critic of RFM / Europe 1 group (national French radio / 1996-1999).

In 2020 Sam Bobino received  -with Christophe Barratier, for La Baule Cinema & Film Music Festival– the award from the UCMF ( Union des Compositeurs de Musique de Film) and the Medal of Honor from the City of La Baule for his support of film scores in France.

Cyril Morin

Composer - Artistic Director

Cyril Morin is an Academy member, a multi-award winning composer, who has scored numerous soundtracks for both film and television. Variety hails him as “a successful film composer, producer and musician….” He has scored over 150 soundtracks and done orchestration for other artists.

Some of his awards: European composer &revelation of the year European film Wards, World Soundtrack Academy 2005 (nomination)

Best score «Cinematic encounter Cannes 2004»

Best score «Auxerre music film festival 2004» for The Syrian Bride.

Best soundtrack «Bastia film festival 2005» Little Jerusalem
Public award for best score «Auxerre music film festival 2005» for Zaïna, rider of the atlas.

Best original score «Aubagne film festival 2005» for Little Jerusalem.

Best Music «Israelian Documentary Film Award 2009» Unmistaken Child.

Best Score 2010 “Valladolid Festival” The Human Resources Manager.

Best Score “Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2013” Zaytoun (nomination).
Best Score « Indiefest Films Awards 2015 » Hacker’s Game.
Best Score « Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2014 » Faith Connections (nomination).

Best Score « Roma Creative Contest 2023”

His latest compositions concerned two films “Last Film Show” and “Sira” which competed as best foreign film at the 2023 and 2024 Oscars.

Cyril Morin is a multi-faceted artist and works also as a writer/director.

Antonio Ribezzi

Executive Producer

Antonio Ribezzi is an Italian director and screenwriter. He was born in Mesagne (Puglia) where he began his secondary studies. He also studied in the south of France at a film academy.

Antonio Ribezzi has already worked on many films as a cameraman or technician. He has already made several documentaries. He is currently working on his first film which he intends to shoot near Mesagne and Carovigno (Puglia).

The cultural development of the Puglia region is close to his heart and his commitment to the region is total.